Type your paT​he following Details of Participation must be met for anyone purchasing a Vacation:

Age & Identification: Package Purchaser, and their spouse or cohabitant if combining income, must be at least 25 y​ears old and have a valid form of picture identification (driver's license, government I.D. or passport or visa for non-US citizens).

Household Income: Package  must have a gross annual household income of at least $50,000 and minimum credit score as established by this offer's sponsor (currently a FICO® score of 600); Package purchaser may not have filed for bankruptcy or been adjudicated bankrupt or insolvent within the past 7 years.

Credit Card: Package Purchaser must have a valid personal major credit card bearing a MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, or Discover® logo, or a valid personal major debit card bearing a MasterCard® or Visa® logo.

Timeshare Sales Presentation: Package Purchaser must agree to attend an approximately two-hour resort sales presentation and tour on the benefits of timeshare ownership at the resort or preview center in the selected destination area. There is no obligation to purchase a timeshare interest. However failure to attend this presentation or meet the other requirements set forth in the Details of Participation, understand that you will be charged the full retail value for accommodations and any gift(s) received less the purchase price of the vacation package.

Tickets or other premiums included in the selected package will be provided upon completion of the timeshare sales presentation and tour during the vacation, or sooner if required by law.

Marital Status: Only married couples and cohabiting couples attending a sales presentation at our participating resort location (and who provide proof of co-habitation through government issued identifications showing an identical home address) may combine their income, and, if married or cohabiting, the couple is required to visit and tour together, except where prohibited by law.

Group Travel: Group travel on this package is not permitted. Group travel is defined as traveling with friends or family on separately purchased packages, to the same destination during overlapping travel dates. One offer per family.​

Refund Policy:You may cancel and request a refund at any time within thirty (30) days following the purchase date, and the refund amount will be the purchase price of the vacation package less the retail value of any gift(s) and/or accommodations received. If you have used any of the days or nights accompanying this vacation package, you are ineligible to receive a refund. Bluegreen reserves the right to cancel any reservations and issue a full refund for any reason until 3 days prior to scheduled check-in.ragraph here.